The following are the job opportunities of ULVAC CRYOGENICS KOREA INC.

We welcome all applicants that meet the qualifications posted on the "Recruitment News" of the company website and other job portals.
Qualified applicants
Those who successfully completed or are exempted from military service and face no restrictions regarding overseas travel are eligible to submit an application.
Submission period
We accept applications twice a year: January and July as well as on an as-needed basis.
How to apply
Please read the 'Recruitment News' on our website and submit your application online.

Recruitment Procedure

  • Submit application (online)

    Please fill out and submit your application according to your aptitudes and preferences.

  • Document screening

    This is the process of examining and screening applications.

  • First interview

    Your professional expertise will be evaluated by working-level personnel.

  • Second interview

    Those who successfully pass the first interview will have another interview with executives who will evaluate your basic personality and character.

  • Announcement of successful candidates

    Announcement of successful candidates

  • Join

How to fill out application

Prepare your photo (JPG format) for submission. (103 X 132)

Fill out a letter of self-introduction (for novice applicants) and a letter outlining your career (for applicants with a career track record) in a way to best promote yourself.

Fill out the application form completely. (Your employment will be terminated if you fill out the application with false information.)

Successful candidates will be individually notified on the follow-up procedure

If there are no vacancies for the position that you apply for, your personal data will be kept in our HR data and you will be notified in the future upon the successful screening of documents.

For more information, please send an email to