CEO Greetings

회사개요 경영방침
ULVAC CRYOGENICS KOREA INC is committed to the best quality cryo pumps and customer satisfaction based on its passionate spirit of endeavor and challenge.

Since its foundation, ULVAC CRYOGENICS KOREA INC has specialized in developing vacuum and cryogenic technologies and has successfully acquired leadership competencies in this field.

We share our knowledge, technology and experience to respond to our customers’ needs and provide more advanced technology than any of our competitors. Under the management philosophy of "Provide our customers with reliable technology", we are now seeking to develop differentiated technologies based on innovative ideas and methods with the aim to become "Only 1" instead of "No.1" and provide our customers with new innovative products and services with superior customer value and top-notch technology. We are going to be your reliable partner who stays one step ahead even in these rapidly changing times.

We are upgrading our factory with smart production lines with the highest priority placed on customer satisfaction so that our manufacturing methods, quality improvement and service responsiveness can be enhanced. I would like to express my sincerest appreciation for your patronage and kindly ask you to watch out for ULVAC CRYOGENICS KOREA, which truly creates customer value and new value. Please watch out for ULVAC CRYOGENICS KOREA as it achieves high corporate value based on its competitiveness and ability to create differentiated customer value. Thank you.

CEO : Kim Chul-Min