Request To Client's Employees

ULVAC Group kindly requests the following in order to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities
as a supply chain business in line with our partnership with the employees of our partners.

  • 1. Compliance with laws and social norms

    1. Compliance with the relevant laws and social norms of different countries and regions. 2. Avoidance of relationships with antisocial forces. 3. Response to conflict mineral* issues *Conflict minerals refer to four major minerals (3TG: tin, tungsten tantalum and gold), which are excavated in conflict areas in Africa (10 countries including DR Congo) and that are subject to restrictions and economic sanctions in a bid to root out social problems such as human rights abuse, child labor exploitation and sexual assault committed in such African conflict areas and to prevent mining funds from flowing into the coffers of paramilitary groups.

  • 2. Promote fair trade and
    ethical competition

    1. Do not engage in corruption, bribery, unfair treatment by abusing superior power, and neither seek unfair advantages nor improper gain or receipt of benefits. 2. Do not infringe on the intellectual property rights of others. 3. Provide and disclose corporate information in an active manner.

  • 3. Respect for human rights and labor and health & safety

    1. Do not engage in forced labor, child labor, discrimination, and/or inhuman treatment. 2. Respect basic human rights with efforts to ensure health and safety at work.

  • 4. Safety and quality of products and services

    1. Ensure and improve the quality and safety of products and services in accordance with the basic transaction agreements, individual agreements, and decisions of the Ulvac Group. 2. Maintain and improve the quality assurance system.

  • 5. Information Security

    1. Make sure that the confidential and private information of clients and third parties is not disclosed.

  • 6. Environmental Conservation

    1. Engage in efforts to procure environmentally friendly materials and to reduce the use of harmful substances. 2. Maintain and improve the environmental protection system.

  • 7. Ensure reasonable prices and delivery time

    1. Engage in efforts to offer market-competitive prices 2. Make sure to deliver on time.

  • 8. Technological improvement

    1. Engage in efforts to promote technological advancement and innovation.

  • 9. Healthy and sound corporate management

    1. Maintain healthy and sound corporate management to sustain transactions.